Anchorage Alaska Position Clinic

From our very first time to Alaska the people were friendly,  students were good listeners and  riders came away with a few...

"AH  Ha's" 

This always delights Eleanor Thibodeau. When all the work comes together and the horse has a soft eye and expression that says the rider truly understands his needs. To be a "GOOD LOAD" in balance with gravity, the triangle of stability and most of all staying out of a blocking position and refraining from pulling on the reins which leads to  stealing the energy of their horse needless to say "takes practice".  Many riders found this skill through our clinic.  All this is taught through Core Position and the crush mechanism that has been explained fully in the "Position DVD"...( see our Position page)

 Women find special words that apply to them which help them influence the horse

 How Our Clinics Work

Normally the clinics are over a weekend with a Friday for the Basic Lecture.

The Basic Lecture which starts her clinics is given free to the Public.

Here is where people are introduced to the concepts of the Horse Crush Mechanism and how our Core and Pelvic placement influence the horse in positive and negative ways. 

Advance Lectures ARE FREE ONLY to people who have purchased her Position DVD or have ridden with her as clients  ALL OTHERS pay an additional lecture cost.

Lectures are well worth the time and money....

you learn a system

that develops the rider and influences the horse in a positive

immediate manner



 Regardless of the Saddle or discipline

 the concepts through their riders position is the same for the horse and our structure is the same.

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