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A DVD Teaching balance position for all riding disciplines. This DVD will teach you the importance of position and how to develop correct rhythm for your horse. In detail it will show you where you must balance for the best results in movement by the horse. Through the training scale for the horse and the training scale now for the rider you will experience Core movement and Pelvic placement to aid you in better gaits with your horse. By means of horse skeletal structure you will understand what his needs are and how you can activate the sling muscles which work to better carry you

English, Western, no matter which discipline or saddle you choose the horse still has the same issues of balance with gravity and centrifugal force. Watching this DVD will change those difficult times you have had to balance those rides with the utilization of (your belly) CORE and understanding its ultimate value in your ride.

Knowing the way your back is attached to your core, will gain you the ability to use it SUCCESSFULLY and how to move your pelvis out of the way. You will witness the blockage to the core by the leg, elbow and shoulder position and why the technique of Ellie's Belly works for you and your partner in DIRECT rein and INDIRECT rein. It will make you aware of the difficulty of one hand on the reins and why the belly becomes so imperative to control. Beginner or Advanced this DVD is for you, it will cover the basic fundamentals that will haunt you through the advance elements of Piaffe and Passage Spins and slides. Those transitions that have always needed a little better connection in communication will change so that you are joined from the waist down with your partner. Find the answers and changes you have been striving so long to make. This DVD will change you in your first viewing!!

"Why did it take 8 years of riding to find Eleanor Thibodeau and have her change and advance my riding dramatically in one lesson." ...M Welton

"Finally a video that not only shows you correct positions it provides the awareness and recipes on how to produce it every time. My horses thank you and I thank you"....S Sutherland

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