Illustrated  Henneke System

A 9 point scale used to determine weight on a  horse

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Description: This is the most comprehensive illustrated Henneke system DVD and Illustrated Henneke workbook available on the market that applies the 9 point scoring system for a horse‚Äôs weight. The DVD includes all the exceptions and how to add or subtract scores for properly evaluating the condition of each horse. The viewer will witness the gain of weight over several weeks from an emaciated horse to a healthy animal. Further experience with the use of cotton, a hard surface and cloth, the officer can actually palpate what a 1 or 2 on the system would feel like.   We encourage you to use this DVD  in prosecution and education of humane cases to inform prosecutors, attorneys, veterinarians, juries, judges and owners. A worthwhile DVD to add to your library and use year after year. Our complete DVD is everything you need to know, from A to Z... really. -- never have out-of-date reference materials again.

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Illustrated Henneke System DVD and WORKBOOK shipping included

$ 49.95 USD

A STEP by step education on the Henneke Scale scoring system through illustrated video,pictures and graphics to help officers and field personnel determine an animals weight.& score; The Henneke Illustrated DVD comes with a workbook which contains key elements in detail of the differences between scores, horse breeds, horse age and pregnancy which may all influence a score. Test questions follow each chapter to help the officer become more precise in their ability and knowledge during hands on use of the system.