Eleanor Thibodeau with Los Angeles Mounted Police officers at the Mounted Unit

Los Angeles  Mounted Police Unit Clinic

Here the officers of the LA Mounted Police Unit engage in a classroom portion of the clinics that Eleanor gives on POSITION of the rider.  These benefical techniques are important to every rider regardless of the discipline or line of work the horse does.  He always does it better with a "GOOD LOAD" and to that Eleanor addresses her students, in the theory (classroom) and then the "laboratory" (on the horse), to always be aware of the crush mechanism of the horse and how it affects your ride along with the triangle of stability.

During maneuvers outside, one of the supervisors horses became anxious due to the other horses returning to the barn.  Veiled with sunglasses dark enough to not see the supervisors eyes, I approached him from the curb of the street and asked if I could aid him in quieting the horse doing what was an excitable Piaffe ( dressage term for a trot in place). The supervisor reluctantly and I believe with a little thought of "oh yeah like your going to be able to stop this" said        " OK" to my help. If you know how to ask for the Piaffe in lightness you also know how to kill it...so I gave him the grounding keys that he needed to silence his horses trot in place.  The man when the horse stood solid and quiet, lowered his sunglasses and said "I'll be damned".   Sometimes my triumphs come in unusual packages!!! The highlight of my day and his too I am sure.