Dedicated Police officers of the Las Vegas mounted unit practiced their core placement  during maneuvers and used the act of "pedaling" to encourage their horses to regulate rhythm while maintaining the strong line during pairs and full group lateral movements around cones.  Officers discovered that this left them with other things to do with their hands rather than trying to capture the energy and slow it down through the bit.


Stability made through the rider's neutral position.  His leg not causing a bracing sensation to the horse and thereby no crush mechanism displayed as a "tug of war" being given as resistance by the horse.   The depth of ones seat is measured more by the riders back and not his weight, it is ratherthrough the lats and how broad they are.

Police officers of Las Vegas mounted unit during the clinic, worked with gait rhythms for actions in pairs.  Learning to  use  their belly to direct their core and weight aids for more precise positioning of their horses and lighter responses to lateral movement.  By stepping down with the outside heel of the rider the horse was re-balanced or what we call a "half halt" all without hands as long as the rider had his legs under himself  in neutral position  and not braking with the leg out in front and the knee unbent (triangle of stability).

Excellent changes and control wasexhibited by these officers,  showing their horsemanship and ability to change, in order  to get the best communication with their equine partners !!!